(ISSN : 0970 – 9029)

Digitalization and Demonetization on Primary Financial Market: A Study

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Journal of Accounting and Finance
Vol. 33 - No. 1
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Sribala Dept. of Management Studies, Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu, India Research Scholar

The world has seen an unprecedented change in the technology landscape over the last decade and innovation has become more important than ever before. Technology can help build a digital India a knowledge-based society and economy- by empowering, connecting and binding everyone. The success of India is inherently linked to its ability to keep pace with technology. Good governance is the measuring tool of performance of any economy. The, revolutionary scheme digitalization was initiated by the present government which intended to control corruption and expected that all transactions between government and citizens are to be computerized. A digitally knowledgeable and empowered population can transform the whole economy. The automation of the economic sectors will lead to better performance and growth of the sectors, which in turn impact the growth rate of the economy. In a primary market, companies, governments or public sector institutions can raise funds through bond issues and corporations can raise capital through the sale of new stock through an initial public offering (IPO).This  is often done through an investment bank or finance syndicate of securities dealers. The main function of the primary market is capital formation for the likes of companies, governments; institutions etc. The companies raise money in the primary market through securities such as shares, debentures, loans and deposits, preference shares etc. This paper focus on the impact of Digitalization and  Demonetization on Primary Financial Market.