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Editor-in-Chief’s Message

Dear authors, reviewers and readers of RDA,

It is my pleasure and great privilege to welcome you to RDA academic family!

RDA was established in the year 1987 and now it is one of the world's leading academic organization. RDA strongly believes in the power of research and knowledge-sharing. The aim of RDA is to provide a forum for the dissemination of original research, which publishes journals bi-annually and regularly organizing international conferences, workshops, FDP’s etc in the multidisciplinary areas of research.

I am keen to encourage publication of high-quality evidence-based guidelines in RDA. RDA solicits original high-quality contributions in all the categories of academia in a broad sense.
RDA is publishing six double blind peer-reviewed International journals, with a characteristic blend of theoretical and applied papers of archival, lasting value, reporting cutting edge research results, by authors across the globe. It occasionally publishes special issues on the emerging topics of interest to a broader audience with a focus on cutting-edge findings in this rapidly changing world, while providing practical up-to-date information.

We continue to improve the peer review and publication process. Our aim is to make publish RDA journals timely and as efficient as possible. It should also be noted that all papers published in RDA journals are automatically made open access after one year of publication; alternatively, a one-time fee can be paid by authors to have their papers immediately open access.

RDA journals features a distinguished editorial board, which brings together a team of highly experienced specialists in academics. In addition to the contributions from peer reviewers, eminent personalities from different parts of the world serve as associate editors, playing a central role in the day-to-day operations of RDA.

Our goal is to provide the readers, a well-constructed, informative, educational journals and a platform for sharing their knowledge & provide valuable inputs. I strongly encourage you to submit novel and enlightening manuscripts to educate and support the growing academic world.

Lastly I should thank all our submitting authors, who have toiled in the production of their work and have chosen RDA journals they would like to publish in.

Research Development Association